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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Before sleeping, do not let these two mantras do japa, get money and shine your kishtas ..

Before sleeping, do not let these two mantras do japa, get money and shine your kishtas ..

Money is such a greed that a human can never end its desire to get it. If you give today a beggar 10 rupees, then the beggar will be in the temptation to get your oas 20 rupees for the next time. If we want to have a deep connection between wealth and desires. These desires force us to get money. As we increase the cost, our desires also increase. In this part of the pacific era, people often forget about living their life. If you are desirous of getting wealth but all your efforts are going to waste today. We are going to tell some of the mantras of religious texts that by composing it you can get very wealth.

There are no two opinions on this matter that Mata Lakshmi is said to be the Goddess of wealth. Mother Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, so she is worshiped as a mother who brings prosperity across the world. But what we tell today is the Mahamantra of Shri Krishna's name. If you believe in scriptures, then repeating these mantras affects all the problems of a person. Indeed, in these mantras, the entire universe has been covered, which can be completed by the pronunciation of everyone's heart.

Lord Krishna is considered to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He can cope with any situation in any situation and there is great power in the glory of his name. Before you chant these two mantras, take a special note that you get any benefit from the false accent It is necessary to get the benefits of these mantras that the experiment of this mantra is correct. You can do these mantras wherever you are.

This is the Mahamantra of Shri Krishna

1. Shrishrishna Mantra- 'Oh Shree Namah: Srikrishnaa Puramatmaya Swaha'

This mantra, mentioned in scriptures, is a satyagraha mahantra of God Krishna. You will have to do this mantra, not hundreds of buses but you will have to compile it for five hundred thousand times. For this, you must first do this thing before sleeping at night.

2. Shrikrishna Mantra - 'Krishna Krishna Namah'

This is the original mantra of Shri Krishna. All human beings seeking happiness in this moolatra should do it one hundred and eight times after attaining natakram and bathing. After all, people who do this will stay away from all obstacles and miseries. Get instantly

Worship on Friday ...

Apart from this, after bathing on Friday morning before every month, publish a ghee lamp on the worship place in the house and apply mother Lakshmi to Meashree and Khair and in the recitation of 'Sri Shree Shri Namah', 'Mantra of Lakshmi' 108 times from faith By doing this the mother will be very happy and will solve the problems related to wealth

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