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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Dulha-Dulhan quarrels over Narendra Modi's fate in marriage

Dulha-Dulhan quarrels over Narendra Modi's fate in marriage

It is said that the marriage of only two men of marriage But there is also a mix of family and their ideas. On the marriage, thousands of dreams arise in the hearts of every boy and thoty. Every boy and girl wishes that the wedding day is best for them so that they never forget the memories of that day. But even if the kadwat is full of memories of this special day, then this person can not be forgotten.

It is also very important to meet the thoughts of boys and girls in this sacred and intimate bondage of marriage. Because the relationship can be fulfilled when the thoughts of both people are the same. We may have differences from the ideas of others but not the differences. But today and the echoes may not be able to meet many new challenges in forward time. Not only this, but the relationship created in this difficult situation can be broken.

Something similar happened in front of us now, where two people got broken due to marriage. In fact, a boy who was married in Kanpur decided to marry a government servant for a government job. But both of them started quarreling over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies and methods of working, and ultimately his marriage was to be broken.

Both of them were very happy with their marriage, and the wedding preparations reached their final limit. There was a dispute between the boys and the girl on the economic policy of Prime Minister Modi, who had divided the cardboard and the sweets but even 2 days before the marriage. The girl said to the responsible Prime Minister of the country, saying that the economic condition of the country is bad. But on the other hand, the boy wanted to hear nothing against Modiji, which led to the controversy over both of them for a long time, and the marriage of both of them broke after the heat quarrel.

The quarrel between the two parties increased so much that the girl refused to hear anything and said that she could not change her own ideas of marriage. Meanwhile, the boy got frightened and told him not to say a word more. There was nothing less that girl did not even tell her for marriage. Yes, both of them had a million attempts to silence them, but the two did not get married. It is common for the people to have so much anger in the public by taking Modi, but it is truly surprising for someone to break a marriage.

It is clear from the breakup of this relationship that it is very necessary to have a love and mutual understanding between the boy and the girl for bonding in a marriage-like bond. Because of not getting ideas, many quarrels are so much that their breakdown is considered to be good

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