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Saturday, 6 April 2019

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

Pani Puri! When you hear the name, there is water in your mouth. Small or big, everyone has to be liked by Panipuri. Panipuri is India's most popular snack. The taste is the same, but there are different names in different states of the country.

People do not stop eating without being beaten. Seeing them becomes the mind and eating hobbyists of Panipuri can not stop themselves to eat Panipuri. Then they do not get hungry till the taste of Panipuri is gone. But have you ever wondered where Panipuri became and where was its name?

This great Panipuri was started from Magadha area, which is today known as South Bihar. This was the first time Panipuri was built here. Panipuri's original name is Falaki. But now this whole country has reached the whole world.

Panipuri has many names, as it is popularly known by the name of water, somewhere it is also called Patasri. Golgappa in northern India, Faulki in East Uttar Pradesh, Bengal Foil and Gupchchi in Orissa.

If there is a light snack at dusk then there can not be anything better than Panipuri. The idea that comes to you only when dusk is going on across the markets in the cities of Panipuri. Each class likes this, especially women.

Panipuri is not only consumed for taste but also has many benefits. Along with being sweet and sweet, eating panipuri provides relief in the sores in the mouth. If the water is hinged, then the ACDT also ends. You can also consider Panipuri in High Calorie Food. 4-6 Panipuri has about 100 calories.

There is also a loss of benefits as well as Panipuri eating. It is not beneficial to eat more than that. People who want to lose weight do not eat panipuri. Because the weight increases by panipuri.

Panipuri Margarita, Chocolate Panipuri, Flavored Panipuri and Panipuri Shots are very popular. Now Panipuri ice cream has also come in the market.

Panipuri will be at home this way:

To make a panipuri, first make a cup of maida, a cup of roasted or sauj in a bowl. In it, add salt, according to the taste. Then add a pinch of soda. Add one teaspoon oil to the mouth. Mix all these well and make a lot of water with warm water. When adding flour, keep in mind that the flour is not loose or hard. Then cover it with a wet cloth for 30 minutes.

Rinse the flour again to soften. Then take a large lot of flour and take a thin loaf of bread. Then, cut bottle lids or small molds from small molds. Let these finishes cover with a cloth a few times.

Now heat the oil in a cauldron. The oil medium should be heated. Once the oil becomes hot, one by one, put the finely in the oil and put it on a low flame. If there is more, then the fulfillment will not be complete. When the puri flowers become pale brown, take them out of the cauldron. And let it stay for two hours in the open pot. So that the finish will be cracked and tightened. Meet is ready.

Now comes the turn of water. Water can be made according to its own taste. For this, you will need a few mint leaves, green chillies, green coriander, tamarind or raw mangoes pulp, jaljira, a little ginger, cumin, salt, chat masalos, cumin powder, anise powder, hing and black chili. Mix all of these and paste it in a mixer paste. Then dilate it into a bowl and add water. Water is ready. Bundi can also be poured in this water. Now fill the boiled tea and potato spices prepared in advance, immerse them in water and enjoy, Panipuri

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