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Friday, 5 April 2019

India's space flight, but what about Pakistan?

India's space flight, but what about Pakistan?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday announced that India has been involved in the launch of anti-satellite missiles in space.

Addressing the nation, he announced that India had demolished the satellite at a height of 300 kilometers in space.

After this declaration, it is believed that India has become a threat to the satellite of many neighboring countries including Pakistan.

However, the Indian Prime Minister earlier said in the announcement that this test has been done without breaking any international rules.

Pakistan has been saying till date that its space program has been for peaceful purposes.

However, analysts believe that with this test India has given a message that it has had a weapon for space warfare and the war can now reach the space.

Did you read this or not?

Pakistan from 1961 onwards

Pakistan's space program is very limited compared to India, but after the announcement of India, he will have to think about this.

Pakistan, which has become a victim of bad economy, will be able to collect the amount for this new weapon race?

In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in Islamabad, the concern can be seen on these weapons.

Pakistan says it is against the race of arms in the space, but the question is whether the situation in Pakistan is in the race.

An analyst of Pakistan said that the space man is a joint heritage and everybody has the responsibility to survive with such efforts that the atmosphere of war in space becomes a reality.

He says, "We understand that the disadvantages of space-related weaknesses in the United Nations are to be overcome, so that there can be a confirmation that peace prevails and astronauts can not be dangerous."

Pakistan started its space program in 1961. The Pakistan Space and Upper Atomic Research Commission (SUPERCO) was launched for this program, whose formula is an integral part of the 'peaceful' objective.

Five satellite delivery plans
This organization has so far been sent to many Satellite space using China. On the basis of Supercomputer, Pakistan plans to deliver five geo satellites in space between 2011 and 2040.

The plan was approved by then Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani.

According to government officials, these satellites will search in the fields of geology, environment, communication and agriculture.

Analysts believe that these satellites can be used for military purposes rather than collecting information, but Pakistan has not yet sent weapons to the space or created a missile in space.

After this test of India, when Pakistan expressed its opposition, giving literary charge that in 1605 a novel written in Don Quetta, a person is fighting against fictitious enemies.

Preparation Against India

India has not been mentioned in Pakistan's statement but the target was the same. However, it is difficult to say how long the condition can be.

The Pakistani spokesman said that he hopes that the countries who first expressed concern about this issue will now come together to prepare a campaign in the United Nations to combat the menace of the space.

Preparing for the war in space can play an important role for the army on the ground and can disrupt military balance on the basis of analysts.

It may not have been allowed to stay far behind in Pakistan.

Pakistani security officials believe that the goal of preparing the war in India's space is more than Pakistan, but Pakistan can not ignore the 'enemy neighbor' capability.

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