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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Walking in this village sleeps, people do not awake for days

Walking in this village sleeps, people do not awake for days

If you are sleeping in your life, then you will get rid of it. The good sleep of the night makes your second morning better. Even if sleep today stole your days .. If you do not wake up walking and then do not wake up for many days..that you may be wondering if this can happen, then let me tell you that something is happening in a village. Where people go to sleep. Them

This is the mysterious illness

In fact, there is a small village in Kajakistan called Kalachi, where people living here have been facing some strange illness for the last few years. The problem is that these people go to sleep anytime while walking. If we need to sleep then There is no big problem, but it does not know that now that the person will wake up from sleep. It is said that sometimes some people sleep for weeks. Then one day suddenly wakes up .

Scientists are also annoying

Scientists have also been annoyed by seeing the problem of the people of the village. In the same way, scientists performed a major research on sleeping in this way, which found that 200 people in this village suffer from this type of problem of about 810 people. It has also been found that some people have died in this same sleep.

After the scientific tests, it has come to the fore that the level of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in this area is greater than that. Therefore, people of the country do not get adequate oxygen and people are becoming the victims of this kind of mysterious sleep. A question behind this The second is that if this is the reason, then this should be done to other people of the village. Why only few people suffer from this?

This reason came in front of me
The first reason for this could not be ascertained, so scientists began to search again and found that the problem of uranium molecule is rising in the quantities of uranium molecules closed in this area, due to which such problems are emerging in people. The question is still the same as to why it has no effect on other people. This problem has been questioning the scientists of Kazakhstan for the last 8 years. The government has sent the people of this village 3 from there to another village

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