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Saturday, 6 April 2019

April 06, 2019

Dulha-Dulhan quarrels over Narendra Modi's fate in marriage

Dulha-Dulhan quarrels over Narendra Modi's fate in marriage

It is said that the marriage of only two men of marriage But there is also a mix of family and their ideas. On the marriage, thousands of dreams arise in the hearts of every boy and thoty. Every boy and girl wishes that the wedding day is best for them so that they never forget the memories of that day. But even if the kadwat is full of memories of this special day, then this person can not be forgotten.

It is also very important to meet the thoughts of boys and girls in this sacred and intimate bondage of marriage. Because the relationship can be fulfilled when the thoughts of both people are the same. We may have differences from the ideas of others but not the differences. But today and the echoes may not be able to meet many new challenges in forward time. Not only this, but the relationship created in this difficult situation can be broken.

Something similar happened in front of us now, where two people got broken due to marriage. In fact, a boy who was married in Kanpur decided to marry a government servant for a government job. But both of them started quarreling over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies and methods of working, and ultimately his marriage was to be broken.

Both of them were very happy with their marriage, and the wedding preparations reached their final limit. There was a dispute between the boys and the girl on the economic policy of Prime Minister Modi, who had divided the cardboard and the sweets but even 2 days before the marriage. The girl said to the responsible Prime Minister of the country, saying that the economic condition of the country is bad. But on the other hand, the boy wanted to hear nothing against Modiji, which led to the controversy over both of them for a long time, and the marriage of both of them broke after the heat quarrel.

The quarrel between the two parties increased so much that the girl refused to hear anything and said that she could not change her own ideas of marriage. Meanwhile, the boy got frightened and told him not to say a word more. There was nothing less that girl did not even tell her for marriage. Yes, both of them had a million attempts to silence them, but the two did not get married. It is common for the people to have so much anger in the public by taking Modi, but it is truly surprising for someone to break a marriage.

It is clear from the breakup of this relationship that it is very necessary to have a love and mutual understanding between the boy and the girl for bonding in a marriage-like bond. Because of not getting ideas, many quarrels are so much that their breakdown is considered to be good
April 06, 2019

The husband and wife are in the age of having children with greater distances. The risk is made by scientists

The husband and wife are in the age of having children with greater distances. The risk is made by scientists

The rules made by the elderly in the old time, even if you are not concerned about the good of today, but those rules were of particular importance. Even though it is related to religion and politeness, it is 100 per cent true that it was also a scientific meaning. But there are some of their rules wrong too.

Let us state that in the old days, there was a gap of more than 10 years between the husband and wife of the marriage, which was very dangerous for their children. Let us state that this tradition has now been changed with changing times. Yes, it is not a bad thing to have a gap of 2-3 years between husband and wife, but a distance of 10 years is harmful for children who are in the habit of being and it has been proved in a search.

Let's say that if there is a difference of 10 years or more between husband and wife, then their children also increase the risk of autism in children. In the biggest surveys conducted by this risk, it has been revealed that in comparison to the children of adolescent parents, more children are more likely to be more at risk of autism than autistic children.

Let us tell you that this survey was done on 57 lakh children in 5 countries. Sven Sandin, an attached specialist of the Mount Sinai Mode of Living in New York, said that the difference in parental age is a dangerous factor for autism. According to the researchers, the rate of autism in children born to more than 50 years of age is 66 percent higher.

So compared to its rate of 20 to 30 year old parents in the children, the children of 40 to 50 years of age received 28 percent more. They also found that compared to mothers between the ages of 20 to 30 years, octogenesis was found to be 18% higher than children born to adolescent mothers. There is a maximum rate of between 35 to 44 years of age in the parents and the age of parents in the age of 10 years or more.

According to these discoveries by scientists, it is harmful for their children to have a higher sex life span between husband and wife. You may have to face many kinds of harassment that runs on them.

What are the autism-

Let's say that autism is a cerebral disease, whose working environment can not work together in different areas of the brain. It is also called autism spectrum disorder. Let's say that people suffering from this disease are very hard to make relation from another. Because the sufferer from Otizm hears, perceives and experiences separately from the rest of the people. There is no cure for this disease as well.
April 06, 2019

Walking in this village sleeps, people do not awake for days

Walking in this village sleeps, people do not awake for days

If you are sleeping in your life, then you will get rid of it. The good sleep of the night makes your second morning better. Even if sleep today stole your days .. If you do not wake up walking and then do not wake up for many days..that you may be wondering if this can happen, then let me tell you that something is happening in a village. Where people go to sleep. Them

This is the mysterious illness

In fact, there is a small village in Kajakistan called Kalachi, where people living here have been facing some strange illness for the last few years. The problem is that these people go to sleep anytime while walking. If we need to sleep then There is no big problem, but it does not know that now that the person will wake up from sleep. It is said that sometimes some people sleep for weeks. Then one day suddenly wakes up .

Scientists are also annoying

Scientists have also been annoyed by seeing the problem of the people of the village. In the same way, scientists performed a major research on sleeping in this way, which found that 200 people in this village suffer from this type of problem of about 810 people. It has also been found that some people have died in this same sleep.

After the scientific tests, it has come to the fore that the level of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in this area is greater than that. Therefore, people of the country do not get adequate oxygen and people are becoming the victims of this kind of mysterious sleep. A question behind this The second is that if this is the reason, then this should be done to other people of the village. Why only few people suffer from this?

This reason came in front of me
The first reason for this could not be ascertained, so scientists began to search again and found that the problem of uranium molecule is rising in the quantities of uranium molecules closed in this area, due to which such problems are emerging in people. The question is still the same as to why it has no effect on other people. This problem has been questioning the scientists of Kazakhstan for the last 8 years. The government has sent the people of this village 3 from there to another village
April 06, 2019

'Papa sayhete hey' is the actress of the movie, now she is doing work in Google, she is working, earning crores rupees

'Papa sayhete hey' is the actress of the movie, now she is doing work in Google, she is working, earning crores rupees

The actress, who had suddenly disappeared from Bollywood, is now working on this work, in Google's hand. This responsibility, 'Papa saye hey', actress Meiye Kang, who has been felicitated by the film, has been away from the discussion for many years. But in the past this has again been discussed in the discussion. Yes, because he is in the discussion, there is no film but his job. It is being said that Mayuri Kango has joined Google India and is going to act as the head of the industry in this company. Not only this, the world's most famous company has been given a package of millions of rupees. Mayuri Kango has worked in many films, but she could not get success as an actress and she got disturbed from the film world after 2000 and got married.

In 2003, married marriage was done

After successful success in Bollywood, Meiyuri started acting in Telugu film, and in 2000 came the film of Mayuri's Vamsi. But the film did not succeed too. After which, Mayuri had stopped working in the films and she married NRI Aditya Dhillon in Aurangabad in 2003. After marriage, Mayuri went to America with her husband. After going to America, Mayuri resumed her studies and made an MBA in Marketing and Finance from one of the country's colleges. After completing his studies, Mayuri did the work of the French Advertising Publishing Group Company, Performix, and worked as a managing director in the company. After many years in America, in May 2013, along with her husband and eight-year-old son, she was shifted to India and now she has joined 'Google-India'.

The 12th was in class when the first film was made

In May 1995, when Mayur was in class 12, he made his first film of his life, which was named Nasim. After this film, Mahesh Bhatt offered him his own movie 'Papa Sayeth Hey' which came in the year 1996. The film was a huge hit and after this film, Meiyuri worked in another film but could not get success. Mayuri has worked in a film such as Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet, Betabi and Jiteng Hum.

The film did not stop playing
There was so much speculation in the Mayurri study and according to Mayuri, he passed the IIT Kanpur examination but he did not get admission in this college, who made his career in films. Going forward, the decision to make a carrier in the films proved false and almost every movie made by Mayuri proved unsuccessful and many films could not be released till the release. After being successful in films there, Mayuri paid attention to her study and completed her studies and today is taking the package of these crores
April 06, 2019

These 4 stars were composed with the onscreen parents, Ishq, one in the relationship was the mother-in-law

These 4 stars were composed with the onscreen parents, Ishq, one in the relationship was the mother-in-law

Love does not have the importance of limiting the height of the age or the quality of the body, but for two, it is important to have a two-pronged heart. Yes, everyone who falls in love listens only to heart. Then Dil is the one who chooses his hamsters, everything happens to that person. Even if no matter how old he is, or why there is no religion, then love is lost. From Bollywood to TV world, it has proved that love is blind. So let us know what is special for you in this article?

From a Bollywood to the TV world, you will find a pair of pairs, in which the age gap is very high, but its relationship is bound by love bondage. Yes, people are completely engrossed in love. It is because of the onscreen that even if two people are playing the role of a mother, or after the brother's sister, but in the original life, both of them face Ishq fighting. We have brought some such pairs for you, who have echoes with their onscreen parents.

Ankit Gera and Monica Singh

Gera, who made her acquaintance with serial pledge and dream Suhana Ladkoppa, is fighting with her onscreen. Let us state that in the affirmation, Monica Singh held the charge in Ankit Gera and both of them have been dating each other since then. The love story of these days is very much more interesting.

Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover

Eva Grover, who made the show a very good introduction, played the role of Ram Kapur in the Sootel in the show, but did you know that while the show was running, the affair of both of them was from Jorshor. He had a discussion in the meet industry. It is believed that both of them have long been dating each other. The pair of Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover looked very good on the screen, but the pair got into love in the real life.

Siddharth Shukla and Smita Bansal

Siddharth Shukla and Smita Bansal worked together in the girl's room. Both of them started loving during this and both of them started dating each other. Let me tell you that Smita Bansal did her mother-in-law of Siddharth Shukla in Balika More, but on both sides of the screen, both of them made a lot of difference. Yes, no matter where the two are together or not, it is not known to anyone, because both of them remain far away from the limelight.

Alok Nath and Nina Gupta

Alok Nath is considered to be a very romantic hero. In the meantime, his name was also joined with Nina Gupta. In Nina Gupta, a serial of Dudh Daksh was very much a part of Alok Nath, but his love story was astonishing behind the scenes.
April 06, 2019

Being popular with the Hindu name, these 3 actresses are in the original Muslim, knowing their names will also happen to you

Being popular with the Hindu name, these 3 actresses are in the original Muslim, knowing their names will also happen to you

There are so many actresses in Bollywood who won the hearts of viewers not only from their acting on the big screen, but also gave Bollywood a lot of good films. Whether it's Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt, all actresses have their own separate and special estimates. If all actresses change their names to come to the movies, then someone changes their religion. But today we are going to be popular with you as well as these three actresses, who keep taboo from the Hindu but not from the Muslim family. The Hindus and the people who have been doing it more on the screen, have been considered Hindus till date. In fact, it was Muslim that you know their name?

These 3 actresses were popular with the Hindu name

The three generations of Bollywood actresses are Madhubala of the 60s, Reena Roy of the 70's and Tabu's 90th movie, who did not play the role of Hindus in more detail but in the original life, have a relationship with a Muslim gentleman. Let's take a look at the film career and personal life of these actresses,


Sometimes, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt were walking in the Bollywood streets of their affair, while the singer used to ask for Kishore Kumar's love for her, sometimes the actress Madhubala's trip. Madhubala's original name was Mumtaz Begum, who, in the 60's, made her acting and fervor, making her a tremendous maniac. In his own footsteps in Bollywood, he changed his name to Madhubala and show that Madhubala, whose real name was Mumtaz Begum, was related to a Muslim gentleman from Delhi. Madhubala got the genuine gesture in Bollywood from her film Neelkamal (1974). After that, he had created a new history in Bollywood from the movie Mogle-Azam.

 Reena Roy

Sometimes, when Shatrughan Sinha was in Headlain in Love Affair, sometimes in the movies, 'Shisha Ho Jo Dil Ho Akhir Toot Jaat Hai', Reena Roy was born on 7 January 1957 in a Muslim family. Reena's original name was Saira Ali, and she was given the name of Nagin, Asha, Arpana, Jana Enemy, Katicharan, Apnapan, Slavery, Chaseet Rishte, Dhanwan, Aadmi Khilau Hey, Handcuffs, Pyaasa Savan, Luck, Raj Tilak, Anha Kanun, Sanam Worked in superhit films like Teri Kasam, Uddhar Ka Sindoor, and Saad Din Saas. Then they got married to former Pakistani cricketer Mohnish Khan, yes, they got settled.


Actress Tabu's real name is Tassoam Fatima, who made the 90's superhit song "Ruk-Ruk, Arba Babu Ruk" in the heart of youth. Tabu, born in a Muslim family in Hyderabad on November 4, 1971, during his film career, made an appearance in the air, scenes, Chandni Bar, Hyder, Hum Saath-Saath Hay, Golmal AGEN, Jai Ho, Vijaypath, Life of Pie, Fact, Chinese Com, Won, Viratat, Hera Ferry, Machise, BV No.1, is working in superhit films like Survival and Border
April 06, 2019

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

Pani Puri! When you hear the name, there is water in your mouth. Small or big, everyone has to be liked by Panipuri. Panipuri is India's most popular snack. The taste is the same, but there are different names in different states of the country.

People do not stop eating without being beaten. Seeing them becomes the mind and eating hobbyists of Panipuri can not stop themselves to eat Panipuri. Then they do not get hungry till the taste of Panipuri is gone. But have you ever wondered where Panipuri became and where was its name?

This great Panipuri was started from Magadha area, which is today known as South Bihar. This was the first time Panipuri was built here. Panipuri's original name is Falaki. But now this whole country has reached the whole world.

Panipuri has many names, as it is popularly known by the name of water, somewhere it is also called Patasri. Golgappa in northern India, Faulki in East Uttar Pradesh, Bengal Foil and Gupchchi in Orissa.

If there is a light snack at dusk then there can not be anything better than Panipuri. The idea that comes to you only when dusk is going on across the markets in the cities of Panipuri. Each class likes this, especially women.

Panipuri is not only consumed for taste but also has many benefits. Along with being sweet and sweet, eating panipuri provides relief in the sores in the mouth. If the water is hinged, then the ACDT also ends. You can also consider Panipuri in High Calorie Food. 4-6 Panipuri has about 100 calories.

There is also a loss of benefits as well as Panipuri eating. It is not beneficial to eat more than that. People who want to lose weight do not eat panipuri. Because the weight increases by panipuri.

Panipuri Margarita, Chocolate Panipuri, Flavored Panipuri and Panipuri Shots are very popular. Now Panipuri ice cream has also come in the market.

Panipuri will be at home this way:

To make a panipuri, first make a cup of maida, a cup of roasted or sauj in a bowl. In it, add salt, according to the taste. Then add a pinch of soda. Add one teaspoon oil to the mouth. Mix all these well and make a lot of water with warm water. When adding flour, keep in mind that the flour is not loose or hard. Then cover it with a wet cloth for 30 minutes.

Rinse the flour again to soften. Then take a large lot of flour and take a thin loaf of bread. Then, cut bottle lids or small molds from small molds. Let these finishes cover with a cloth a few times.

Now heat the oil in a cauldron. The oil medium should be heated. Once the oil becomes hot, one by one, put the finely in the oil and put it on a low flame. If there is more, then the fulfillment will not be complete. When the puri flowers become pale brown, take them out of the cauldron. And let it stay for two hours in the open pot. So that the finish will be cracked and tightened. Meet is ready.

Now comes the turn of water. Water can be made according to its own taste. For this, you will need a few mint leaves, green chillies, green coriander, tamarind or raw mangoes pulp, jaljira, a little ginger, cumin, salt, chat masalos, cumin powder, anise powder, hing and black chili. Mix all of these and paste it in a mixer paste. Then dilate it into a bowl and add water. Water is ready. Bundi can also be poured in this water. Now fill the boiled tea and potato spices prepared in advance, immerse them in water and enjoy, Panipuri