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Saturday, 6 April 2019

April 06, 2019

Being popular with the Hindu name, these 3 actresses are in the original Muslim, knowing their names will also happen to you

Being popular with the Hindu name, these 3 actresses are in the original Muslim, knowing their names will also happen to you

There are so many actresses in Bollywood who won the hearts of viewers not only from their acting on the big screen, but also gave Bollywood a lot of good films. Whether it's Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt, all actresses have their own separate and special estimates. If all actresses change their names to come to the movies, then someone changes their religion. But today we are going to be popular with you as well as these three actresses, who keep taboo from the Hindu but not from the Muslim family. The Hindus and the people who have been doing it more on the screen, have been considered Hindus till date. In fact, it was Muslim that you know their name?

These 3 actresses were popular with the Hindu name

The three generations of Bollywood actresses are Madhubala of the 60s, Reena Roy of the 70's and Tabu's 90th movie, who did not play the role of Hindus in more detail but in the original life, have a relationship with a Muslim gentleman. Let's take a look at the film career and personal life of these actresses,


Sometimes, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt were walking in the Bollywood streets of their affair, while the singer used to ask for Kishore Kumar's love for her, sometimes the actress Madhubala's trip. Madhubala's original name was Mumtaz Begum, who, in the 60's, made her acting and fervor, making her a tremendous maniac. In his own footsteps in Bollywood, he changed his name to Madhubala and show that Madhubala, whose real name was Mumtaz Begum, was related to a Muslim gentleman from Delhi. Madhubala got the genuine gesture in Bollywood from her film Neelkamal (1974). After that, he had created a new history in Bollywood from the movie Mogle-Azam.

 Reena Roy

Sometimes, when Shatrughan Sinha was in Headlain in Love Affair, sometimes in the movies, 'Shisha Ho Jo Dil Ho Akhir Toot Jaat Hai', Reena Roy was born on 7 January 1957 in a Muslim family. Reena's original name was Saira Ali, and she was given the name of Nagin, Asha, Arpana, Jana Enemy, Katicharan, Apnapan, Slavery, Chaseet Rishte, Dhanwan, Aadmi Khilau Hey, Handcuffs, Pyaasa Savan, Luck, Raj Tilak, Anha Kanun, Sanam Worked in superhit films like Teri Kasam, Uddhar Ka Sindoor, and Saad Din Saas. Then they got married to former Pakistani cricketer Mohnish Khan, yes, they got settled.


Actress Tabu's real name is Tassoam Fatima, who made the 90's superhit song "Ruk-Ruk, Arba Babu Ruk" in the heart of youth. Tabu, born in a Muslim family in Hyderabad on November 4, 1971, during his film career, made an appearance in the air, scenes, Chandni Bar, Hyder, Hum Saath-Saath Hay, Golmal AGEN, Jai Ho, Vijaypath, Life of Pie, Fact, Chinese Com, Won, Viratat, Hera Ferry, Machise, BV No.1, is working in superhit films like Survival and Border
April 06, 2019

It will be as fun as Goa, this place can be visited by taking car from Ahmedabad here

It will be as fun as Goa, this place can be visited by taking car from Ahmedabad here

We plan to go to Goa every year and after that somebody has to cancel the plan for some reason. There are many reasons, such as a budget, it is not a time that there will be a lot of crowd at present or else, instead of going to Goa, this coastline of Gujarat's adjoining region of Gujarat will really make you feel like Goa. And after reaching here you will find that boss, this coastline really is once spectacular.

The tranquil and beautiful seaside attracts tourists very much. Diu is known for its Portuguese culture and history. You can also find rented bicycles or scooters to roam around here. The fun of running here quietly and here is very different.

There are many places here that you might like to see, such as the Diva Fort, Light House, Saint Paul Church, Nagoya Beach, Naida Caves, Sea Shell Museum, Jhapa Gateway, Gangeswar Mahadev etc.

Deepa Fort and Lighthouse -

Diu Fort was built between 1535 and 1541 by the Portuguese. This is surrounded by the sea from the three sides. There is also a big light house in this fort. This fort is a spectacular example of the construction of the time. The Light House is the highest point of the lamp. From here you will see a beautiful sight of Arabsagar.

Naida Caves -

The Naida Caves near Dee Fort also come in top of excursions. The sunlight in these caves creates a spectacular scene, which becomes a memorable experience for the beholder to see. This space is gradually becoming popular in the photographer. Here the young couple also come to shoot their pre-shooting for their wedding. These caves have interconnected tunnels, which evoke a craze for people. Naida Caves is a thrilling experience.

Sunset Point -

Sunrise attracts tourists from the hill near Deccan Chakratirath hill. The hillside and the surrounding area produce scenic scenes to see, which gives coolness to the eyes. The beach, which is adjacent to the adjacent lamp, is very beautiful.

Nagoya Beach -

Nagoya Beach is located in the village of Butchwada of Diu. This is a scenic seashore. Which is popular among tourists from around the world as an ideal destination for sightseeing. There are also resorts here, due to which travelers prefer to rest here and enjoy nature's beauty. White sand and calm brown water make the experience of enjoyable beauty. Water sports activities are also available here. These beaches are 2 kilometers long. Enjoying sunrise and sunset here, one's mind becomes calm.

Googala Beach -

One of the attractive places of the Diwali is the Ghogala Beach, which is located in the outskirts of the city, due to which there are no more tourists here. This is the reason why tourists who prefer to stay away from the crowd come here to get peace and loneliness. This is the Karan that the beach is very clean because there is no more crowd. Water sports such as parasailing, surfing and banana ride can also be enjoyed here.

St. Paul Church -

St. Paul's Church is just a little away from the Fort of Diva. The construction of this church began in 1601 and ended in 1610. The lamp is also known for the church here. This is the best example of Baroque architecture in India. This is one of the few Portuguese churches in India. Here you will see wonderful carvings in wood.

Gautamitata Beach -

Generally the trips are going on to Nagoya Beach, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset view, tourists should also visit the Gautamitata Beach, near the village of Vyankabara, in Deva. Here is a wonderful view of the wonderful sunset. There are also many sea creatures on this beach.

Ganda Getaway -

Another attraction of Diu is the Jhapa Gateway, which is an important landmark of Diu. Angels, lions, and priest-shaped carvings have been carved on them. Man-made water falls here or adds to its beauty.

Haka Tree -

The presence of Hawa Palm Tree in the coastal areas of Saurashtra is itself a wonderful experience. You will see this tree on the road along the road going on the road and when you go around the area around the lamps. A large number of these trees are attracting the tourists coming here.

Gangeswara Temple -

Not only the beach or the church but the temple is also located here. Shivaji's contemporary temple is located 3 kilometers away from the waterfall of Diu. There are 5 Shivling, here people believe that the Pandavas spent some time here during the 13 years of exile. The stone shavings here are located in the middle of the ocean. When the time of recruitment is seen only in the top of the Shivling, due to the fact that it is absorbed in seawater.

Sea Shell Museum -

Captain Devjibhai Vira Fublaria created the Sea Shell Museum Merchant Navy in the Deewaar, he is keen to gather such shells, so that he collected many types of sea oysters and put them here for exhibition. If the lamp is coming, you should definitely visit this museum. There are also conch and oysters on the main gates, which look very beautiful
April 06, 2019

Excellent example of honesty: He himself was in debt, but the money lying on the road remained to his owner !!!

Excellent example of honesty: He himself was in debt, but the money lying on the road remained to his owner !!!

Rupee is one thing that can fix the problem. Even if this money is in large numbers, then nobody is interested in anyone, no matter what money man does for money. Because of money, the relationship between brother-in-law, father-son, and many other relationships is spoiled. Anyone can kill anyone, kidnap, or even commit other crimes such as theft.

If money is found on the road, then what to ask? And there is no faith in man's determination by looking at money. Now, just a few days ago, a case was reported that it seems that humanity still does not die. There are still many honest people that their honesty does not shine after seeing money.

A few days ago, there was a similar case in Surat. Dilip Podar, a resident of Bihar, who lives in the Vesu area of ​​Surat, was given 10 lakh rupees to his employer on cash from the road. It is said that one day Dilip, who was working as a salesman in the showroom of Sari, was going home from the bridge near the parle point, on the road A wallet was found, in which the cash was Rs 10 lakhs.

Police said Dilip was found to be involved in this whole incident. Dilip police suspected the police and asked for an IC card from him. When he came to trust the police, he handed over 10 lakh rupees to the police and got the cash from the road and sought to find him the original owner.

Dilip's heart was not tempted even though he had a loan of Rs 3 lakh for children's education, and he handed it to the police and appealed to find the owner. When the police found a number of rupees, the number of a car was found in the camera check.

On the basis of the car number, the police searched the farmer's family. Due to the daughter's marriage to the family, the family's woman took the money to take the jewelery to Surat, but before jewelers arrived, her money was lost on the way before she reached the jewelers.

The family was relieved after returning their money after three days. The family rewarded Umarra police and Dilip for one lakh rupees. But police gave Dilip's salute to Dilip's honesty even for her prize money.

Thus, when the police image is bad in people, this age police police continued to do this work as a help to the public, and Dilip also had a good example of manliness and honesty.
April 06, 2019

From 9 April to 14 April, Chaitri Navaratri does not make mistakes even 9 days; 9 works ...

From 9 April to 14 April, Chaitri Navaratri does not make mistakes even 9 days; 9 works ...

Chaitri Navaratri starts on 6th April, 2019. Durga is worshiped in various forms of Navratri, and fasting is also done. There are four Navaratri festivals in the year, in which Chaitri Navaratri and Sharadian Navaratri have special significance. By worshiping you get your lost fruit.

This work should not be done even after nine days of Navaratri.

1) Do not keep the house alone.

The festival of Navaratri celebrates with Dhumadham and with true devotion. Many people establish kalash and keep vow. Continuation of Akhand Jyothi also prevents. If you do any of these work you should never leave the house empty. Someone in the house should attend.

2) Do not let the poor go empty-handed.

Just as the need for purity and purity of the house and mind in Navratri, if a poor person comes to your house within 9 days of Navratri, then do not leave it empty. The poor should give a donation of food or something according to your needs and faith, which will give you fruit.

3) Avoid anger and abuse.

Navaratri's nine days, you should try to make the atmosphere of the house calm and devious. That will make Mahadev happy and you will complete your desires with devotion. Navaratri's nine days to keep the mind calm and to worship the idols to avoid the work such as anger and abusive at this time.

4) Do not cut the nails.

The festival of Navaratri is dedicated to the goddess. There are some rules which are one of the rules of all rules that the nails should not be cut in nine days of Navaratri. It is a good habit to cut nails, but according to scriptures, it is believed that the nine days of Navratri do not cut the nails, so as not to cut the nails during Navratri's vow.

5) Do not use leather items.

According to scriptures and ancient belief, it is said that during the Navaratri festival do not use leather items. Also, do not use leather or leather items during worship and vow.

6) Do not eat onions and garlic.

It is believed that those who keep vow in Navratri do not use onion garlic for nine days. A person who takes a vow to adopt a sacred meal. This will make you feel better.

7) Do not cut beard, mush, hair cut.

According to the scriptures, it is said that those nine days of Navratri who keep vowhata. Those people should not cut shaving hair. But one of the twelve Sanskaras is that it is considered auspicious to act like children's Mundya Sanskar.

😎 Keep purity and purity.

If you believe in scriptures, you should take nine days of Navratri dedicated to the Deity and keep your purity and purity at home and purity of mind also.

9) Do not insult anyone.

Navratri is worshiped by the nine-form rituals of Durga. Yoga is called Yoga in the scriptures, which is essential for those who are fasting for Navratri. During this time there should be no insult to any other person. It should be respected as well as small. By following these rules in Navratri, you will have complete fulfillment of your every mood
April 06, 2019

April 6, 2019: Chaitri Navaratri Kalsh established Mouhartha, the law of the torch and its rule, know the detail

April 6, 2019: Chaitri Navaratri Kalsh established Mouhartha, the law of the torch and its rule, know the detail

Four Navratri is coming in the year. Chaitra, Ashwini Ashwini and Maha are nine days of Navratri. Navratri is considered as a special significance of Chaitri Navaratri and Ashwin in this Baghi Navaratri. It is also called the spring and the Sharadhi Navratri. Chaitri Navaratri is started from the month of Chaitra. It is important to worship Goddess goddess along with goddesses.

Today we will celebrate the greatness of the great grandmother in 2019 and the rules of worship of nine days of continuous flame ...

Chaitra Navaratri 2019: Establishment of Mauharat: -

In 2019, Chaitra Navratri starts from 6th April Saturday and will run till 14th April.

Good mood of the establishment will last from 6:09 to 10: 9 minutes.

Keep in mind that it is considered to be a good idea to simply create a clean copy of installation.

From beginning to day: -5 April Friday 14: 20 minutes.
Expiry From Species 6 April Saturday 15: 23 minutes

Worship ceremony of Kalaash Ghat establishment: -

Chaitri Navaratri is a festival devoted to devotees devoted to nine days. The first reduction in worship is done with establishment.

There is a special significance in Navaratri. The first thing to do first by preparing the bath before rising in the morning.
After that the kalash is established. In it, a statue of Kuldevvi is kept.
If possible, make sure the lesson of misery is possible.
While worshiping, ignorant lamp with kalashani.
In this nine days of mother, worshiping true faith and worship of mantra will complete your every mood.
Rule of continuous flame: -

In Navaratri many devotees are celebrating in many ways, many of them keep the flames continuously. It is not that the torch is kept in the brass. You can also take pottery characters.

If you do not lock on the house continuously for 9 days in the house lighting the flame. Must have someone in the house

It is believed that Lord Bhagwati is very pleased to bring the light of indigenous ghee in the Navratri and the work is achieved but if you have native ghee in your home then oil ghee and corn oil are also excellent.

It is believed that if you take a pledge, then you should take special care of it if you keep the flame continuously

Never keep the flame empty on the ground. Keep it on the watch.
Make the wick of the flame continuously. It should be long enough for the hand.
If there is an illuminated flame of ghee, keep the right side of the goddess as you believe. And if the flame is oil, then it is considered auspicious to keep the left side
April 06, 2019

Some tips that work in cooking, will make your work easier, know what these tips are

Some tips that work in cooking, will make your work easier, know what these tips are

Everyday women have to work in the kitchen, have to prepare meals. Then especially women who do a job, they do not have much time to pay more attention to cooking. So they are always looking for tips to prepare meals, which can help them in cooking and the food can be ready soon. So here are some of the tips that will help women get help in the kitchen.

For working women, wake up every morning and prepare vegetables and then make it very tough, have less time and all the preparations to be done, on the leave of some vegetables, such as guar, tindra, rice, and husk, wash it and put it in the airtight container Let's This chopped vegetable remains good for four to five days.
Often, groundnut is kept for a long time if it is kept empty. Cook it for five minutes before filling it in a groundnut jar to prevent it from getting cracked. Then cool down and fill in the jar. Will not be too soon

Lemon juice should be applied to prevent bitter orange juice or one tablespoon of yogurt. Bhenda's vegetables will not be greasy. Even if your lady's vegetable gets more salty than the mistake, then put yogurt in it. The vegetables will not be salty but tasty.
If you want to make the curry of leftovers, cut the pan and put it in the air for 2 hours and then first put it on the pan, and then make the same way as the vegetables are cooked.
If you want to make any sauce for a long time, then add one teaspoon of oil to it, then the sauce will not last longer.
To make the bread and lime soft and tasty, add 1 teaspoon warm milk inside the flour. The bread will become soft.

After making the bread or raisin, if the built-up flour is increased, put oil in the airtight container and put it in the freeze. The flour can be reused.
To make Thapla more tasty, give the dish a spoon inside it, the thalapa's taste will be good. Beside the flours of buttermilk with yogurt or buttermilk. The flavors of the thieves will increase.
Soak the flour of the flour, then pour some oil in it for the mud and it will soon be fermented by roasting it and the dhumkana will become more soft.
To make Bhaturake very crypto, add 1 tablespoon roti inside its flour. The market will become the same crypto.
To make Idli and Dosa more soft, if you put a fist pouch inside her palm, it becomes absolutely crypto and soft.

To make cutlace and tikki more crispy, it should be placed in the freezer for a few minutes before halving.
Make a good mash before lemon is cut to taste good interest from lemon. After doing this, all of them will be interested.
If you have made a fruit salad and have grown it, then put it in ice cream mold and put it in the freezer. When it gets frozen then eat it like Calfi.
Due to lack of time or busy in other activities, dal-pots are torn apart. For this to happen, put a teaspoon inside it.
To maintain the nutritious vegetables, the vegetables should be covered, covered, and should be kept covered after it is formed.
To make crypi like the French fries market, after cutting the potatoes should be put in the freezer for two hours and then should be fried, fries will become crypto.
When making cold coffee, it starts to appear as ice-cold water. To make this happen, coffee should be made in ice tray by making coffee, and then when you want to make cold coffee, it will not let the coffee be melted in the tray, so the taste of the coffee does not change.
To make the fritters soft, add one teaspoon of hot oil to its khaira;
Use gram flour for making methi gota. This will make the whole lotus growling too.

Take fresh milk and a spoon of cream and cocoa powder to make foamy coffee, then the coffee will be like the outside.
To get a good color of gravy for any gravy-sauce, crush them with mashed potatoes. The color of the vegetables will be good.
If gravy grows for any vegetables, it should be removed in the ice tray and placed in the fridge. This can be used whenever a gravy is needed to make another vegetable.

If there is a need to pour water to increase any gravy, then heat the water and gravy remains the same.
Chili should be chopped off immediately after the cheese is removed from the refrigerator, due to which there is problem of scattering after that.
This can be used again by filling in the airtight container and frying it in a frying pan and making the stuffed vegetables in the fridge for the filled vegetables. And at that time the time for making masala is left
April 06, 2019

6 April - 2019: Readers of today's world need to change their nature

6 April - 2019: Readers of today's world need to change their nature

1. Aries: Aries:
Yoga is a long way to travel, which makes you feel very tired today. Traveling will get worse with your partner, which will cause you a lot of pain. Do not waste time on your own. Today you will receive great respect and honor from everyone who works under your hands. If you go against the opportunity to make money today, then take that opportunity fast. There will be some difficulty but keep the mind calm and keep moving forward. You will get good news from your children.
Good Issue: 8
Good color: red

2.Wish - B, Taurus:
You have to pass this day very carefully, keep in mind that anyone should come and talk to you about the wrong move. You do not have to take any decision alone today, make a decision only with the advice of a close friend or family elders. One of your wrong decisions will increase your difficulty. Today you will also experience the shortage of money, you do not have to do any kind of negative thinking today. Find ways you can find ways to earn money. And start working with God's name and blessing of the elders. Family love and cooperation will help you to get ahead.
Good Issue: 1
Good color: green

3. Mithun - K, H, (Gemini):
Today you will get more ideas which you can implement for your future. If you want to offer a love to someone today, there is a good time you will get replayable only. Contact your old friends and include them in your happiness. Today the time spent with a partner will remind you of your wedding time. You do not have to work hard to succeed today. Keep mentally prepared or face any difficulties. Today, the health of the offspring may come at the end of a little harsh day.
Good Issue: 7
Good color: red

4. Cancer - D, H:
Do not take any financial decision hastily, check the details for two to three times and then only come to a decision. Today you have to control the cost. Keep in mind that extra and unnecessary items are not taken when you go shopping. If you are at a particular place on your office or workplace, be aware that no mistake will happen to you, the small thing done with the person working under your hand can take a very fierce form. Today you can go somewhere with the family to be fresh and anxious. Do not worry too much and keep moving forward.
Good Issue: 2
Good color: Orange

5. Lions - Lio:
If you have a dryness in your love relationship, then it is becoming a yoga yoga that can enjoy the beauty of love in the garden of love today, then invite your partner in front of you. Today is a very memorable day that you will remember forever. You need to work hard to meet your children and family needs today. Today, if there is any important thing to lose, yoga is not to be taken care of, then there will be problems in the future. In any situation you do not have to lose. God is with you in every good work.
Good Issue: 3
Good color: green

6. Girls - 5, Virgo:
Today at work, every friend and your boss will be happy with your new ideas. Today is your success day, enjoy it completely. New ideas given by you will increase your revenues too. It's a good time for friends who think to apply to pay their salaries. Today you can also buy some new things. If there is a health-related yoga practice in the family today, special care should be taken. Today you do not have to hurt anyone's mind. Today's day will be busy enough. Economic position will be healthy.
Good Issue: 6
Good color: Sublime

7. Libra:
You need to make a final decision today for a long-standing problem. This step will be in your favor. Have some caution in dealing with money transactions. You do not have to show any wrong in today. Impress people with your appearance and speech. You do not need to talk about anything and ask. Take care that no one is being humiliated in the joke of today. Extra costs can be made today and will be regret after buying. So today the day will be a little tiring.
Good Issue: 8
Good color: Black

8. Scorpio - Scorpio:
Take a little vigil to drink something today and do not use outside open food. You can maintain good balance with your partner today. Today, yoga is going on for religious pilgrimage. Wow your work in the office. Your friends will be good support today. Many of the money that has been stuck for many years will be available today. And you will get richer from a place you have not thought of. If there is any opportunity for investment, it will save money only after availing the benefits and losses before saving money.
Good Issue: 1
Good color: white

9.free, d, sagittarius:
If you want to come forward from a crowd of people, today you need to change your nature. Honor and honor everyone who comes into your contact. Be careful not to hurt anyone with your speech and conduct. If you want to offer a love to someone today, there is a good time you will get replayable only. Contact your old friends and include them in your happiness. Today the time spent with a partner will remind you of your wedding time.
Good Issue: 9
Good Coloring: Purple

10. Capricorn - Capricorn:
As much as you run after the money, do not follow it behind you. Work hard to earn money. Your Honor
April 06, 2019

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

If you are a Panipuri diwali, you still do not know this history, know where from such a Panipuri

Pani Puri! When you hear the name, there is water in your mouth. Small or big, everyone has to be liked by Panipuri. Panipuri is India's most popular snack. The taste is the same, but there are different names in different states of the country.

People do not stop eating without being beaten. Seeing them becomes the mind and eating hobbyists of Panipuri can not stop themselves to eat Panipuri. Then they do not get hungry till the taste of Panipuri is gone. But have you ever wondered where Panipuri became and where was its name?

This great Panipuri was started from Magadha area, which is today known as South Bihar. This was the first time Panipuri was built here. Panipuri's original name is Falaki. But now this whole country has reached the whole world.

Panipuri has many names, as it is popularly known by the name of water, somewhere it is also called Patasri. Golgappa in northern India, Faulki in East Uttar Pradesh, Bengal Foil and Gupchchi in Orissa.

If there is a light snack at dusk then there can not be anything better than Panipuri. The idea that comes to you only when dusk is going on across the markets in the cities of Panipuri. Each class likes this, especially women.

Panipuri is not only consumed for taste but also has many benefits. Along with being sweet and sweet, eating panipuri provides relief in the sores in the mouth. If the water is hinged, then the ACDT also ends. You can also consider Panipuri in High Calorie Food. 4-6 Panipuri has about 100 calories.

There is also a loss of benefits as well as Panipuri eating. It is not beneficial to eat more than that. People who want to lose weight do not eat panipuri. Because the weight increases by panipuri.

Panipuri Margarita, Chocolate Panipuri, Flavored Panipuri and Panipuri Shots are very popular. Now Panipuri ice cream has also come in the market.

Panipuri will be at home this way:

To make a panipuri, first make a cup of maida, a cup of roasted or sauj in a bowl. In it, add salt, according to the taste. Then add a pinch of soda. Add one teaspoon oil to the mouth. Mix all these well and make a lot of water with warm water. When adding flour, keep in mind that the flour is not loose or hard. Then cover it with a wet cloth for 30 minutes.

Rinse the flour again to soften. Then take a large lot of flour and take a thin loaf of bread. Then, cut bottle lids or small molds from small molds. Let these finishes cover with a cloth a few times.

Now heat the oil in a cauldron. The oil medium should be heated. Once the oil becomes hot, one by one, put the finely in the oil and put it on a low flame. If there is more, then the fulfillment will not be complete. When the puri flowers become pale brown, take them out of the cauldron. And let it stay for two hours in the open pot. So that the finish will be cracked and tightened. Meet is ready.

Now comes the turn of water. Water can be made according to its own taste. For this, you will need a few mint leaves, green chillies, green coriander, tamarind or raw mangoes pulp, jaljira, a little ginger, cumin, salt, chat masalos, cumin powder, anise powder, hing and black chili. Mix all of these and paste it in a mixer paste. Then dilate it into a bowl and add water. Water is ready. Bundi can also be poured in this water. Now fill the boiled tea and potato spices prepared in advance, immerse them in water and enjoy, Panipuri

Friday, 5 April 2019

April 05, 2019

India's space flight, but what about Pakistan?

India's space flight, but what about Pakistan?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday announced that India has been involved in the launch of anti-satellite missiles in space.

Addressing the nation, he announced that India had demolished the satellite at a height of 300 kilometers in space.

After this declaration, it is believed that India has become a threat to the satellite of many neighboring countries including Pakistan.

However, the Indian Prime Minister earlier said in the announcement that this test has been done without breaking any international rules.

Pakistan has been saying till date that its space program has been for peaceful purposes.

However, analysts believe that with this test India has given a message that it has had a weapon for space warfare and the war can now reach the space.

Did you read this or not?

Pakistan from 1961 onwards

Pakistan's space program is very limited compared to India, but after the announcement of India, he will have to think about this.

Pakistan, which has become a victim of bad economy, will be able to collect the amount for this new weapon race?

In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in Islamabad, the concern can be seen on these weapons.

Pakistan says it is against the race of arms in the space, but the question is whether the situation in Pakistan is in the race.

An analyst of Pakistan said that the space man is a joint heritage and everybody has the responsibility to survive with such efforts that the atmosphere of war in space becomes a reality.

He says, "We understand that the disadvantages of space-related weaknesses in the United Nations are to be overcome, so that there can be a confirmation that peace prevails and astronauts can not be dangerous."

Pakistan started its space program in 1961. The Pakistan Space and Upper Atomic Research Commission (SUPERCO) was launched for this program, whose formula is an integral part of the 'peaceful' objective.

Five satellite delivery plans
This organization has so far been sent to many Satellite space using China. On the basis of Supercomputer, Pakistan plans to deliver five geo satellites in space between 2011 and 2040.

The plan was approved by then Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani.

According to government officials, these satellites will search in the fields of geology, environment, communication and agriculture.

Analysts believe that these satellites can be used for military purposes rather than collecting information, but Pakistan has not yet sent weapons to the space or created a missile in space.

After this test of India, when Pakistan expressed its opposition, giving literary charge that in 1605 a novel written in Don Quetta, a person is fighting against fictitious enemies.

Preparation Against India

India has not been mentioned in Pakistan's statement but the target was the same. However, it is difficult to say how long the condition can be.

The Pakistani spokesman said that he hopes that the countries who first expressed concern about this issue will now come together to prepare a campaign in the United Nations to combat the menace of the space.

Preparing for the war in space can play an important role for the army on the ground and can disrupt military balance on the basis of analysts.

It may not have been allowed to stay far behind in Pakistan.

Pakistani security officials believe that the goal of preparing the war in India's space is more than Pakistan, but Pakistan can not ignore the 'enemy neighbor' capability.
April 05, 2019

Pakistan's answer to the Pulwama: 'There are no places in the 22 positions suggested by India'

Pakistan's answer to the Pulwama: 'There are no places in the 22 positions suggested by India'


Pakistan has replied to the involvement of Jais-e-Mohammed in the Pulwama attack, "India has no 22 terrorist camps suggested."

According to a report published in The Indian Express, Pakistan has given official conclusions for the first time in its response to the Dossier's response to India's involvement in Jais-e-Mohammed's involvement in the Pulwama attack.

Pakistan has also said that 54 people were detained by their Investigative Agency, there is no link between 54 people and Pulwama attacks.

India's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said, "India is disappointed with Pakistan's response, it is a matter of regret that Pakistan is still refusing to believe that the attack on the Pulwama attack is not ready."

"But we are not surprised that this is the attitude of Pakistan."

Did you read this or not?

Today, British MPs will vote crucially on the Bracket

Britannian MPs will vote once again on Friday for the Breakeet issue. However, this poll will only be on the issue of an agreement with the European Union.

British MPs on Friday vote on Ireland's border deal, ie Irish Backstops, European Union, and Britain's separation from money laundering. This bill is being called 'Talaq Bill', which will vote for citizens' rights.

On March 29, the British government had applied section 50, according to which the brakes should be applied after two years.

House of Commons leader Andrea Leedsm said in Britain that it is necessary to cancel the settlement before the date of the 50th to 22nd May at 11pm on the night of March 29. Voting will be done on this issue.

However, many MPs are against it and the Labor Party and the Democratic Unionist Party have said they will vote in opposition to this agreement.

Article 35-A barrier to the development of Jammu and Kashmir: Arun Jaitley

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Article 35-A is a hindrance to the economic development of Jammu and Kashmir.

He termed this Article as 'Constitutional inaccurate' and said that it would harm the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jaitley asked a question about his existence, why does the law of the country not apply in this state?

In his blog on Thursday, Jaitley wrote, "Article 35-A came into effect in 1954, which discriminates between the people of the state and the rest of the country."

"People of Jammu and Kashmir can vote in the Lok Sabha elections but they are not going to vote in assembly and municipal elections."

Their children do not get government jobs. They can not afford their property and their children can not get into government institutions.

In 1954, this Article was attached to the Constitution by the order of President Rajendra Prasad. This happened as a result of an agreement between Maharaja Hari Singh and the Indian government of Kashmir.

'Modi's Bipopic has no concern with BJP' -the producer's answer

According to a report published on The Indian Express, Hitesh Jain, on behalf of Narendra Modi's biopic in response to the notice issued by the Election Commission, has said that this film has nothing to do with the BJP.

He has also said that this film has been made by our clients, not any political candidates, and the producer has made this film at his own expense.

His lawyer Hitesh Jain, on behalf of Manish Acharya and Suresh Oberoi, producer Anand K Pandit, Sandeep Singh, said, "Based on some public programs and social media post, it is a matter of fact that there is no legal basis to connect our client with any political party. There is no legal basis."

Hitesh is the director of Jain Bluecraft Digital Foundation In the book 'The Examiner Warriors', Prime Minister Narendra Modi's book published last year, this foundation was a technology and knowledge partner.

According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Hitesh Jain holds 50% shares of the company.

On March 2, another book by Bluecraft has been published, 'A Social Revolution on Mind Key Batter-Radio'. In which 50 radio episodes of Modi's 'Man Ki Baat' program have been edited.

Sharad Pawar's NCP will contest all the seats of Gujarat

On one hand, Sharad Pawar's Nationalist Congress Party is contesting the Lok Sabha elections with the Congress from Maharashtra.

On the other hand, he has decided to fight independently from Gujarat. On Thursday, NCP has announced that they will contest all 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat.

Polling for all the 26 seats in Gujarat in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections will be held on April 23
April 05, 2019

Did Uma Bharti not get a ticket, what is the name of 'Prime Minister Modi'?

Did Uma Bharti not get a ticket, what is the name of 'Prime Minister Modi'?


A video of BJP MP and Union Minister Uma Bharti from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh is being shared with social media claim that Uma Bharti has started opening the papers of the Modi government when there is no Lok Sabha ticket from Jhansi.

About two minutes into this video, Uma Bharti is heard criticizing Narendra Modi.

He is speaking in viral video, "Narendra Modi is making efforts to project the agenda of Hinduism and development in the country."

"I know him since 1973 and know very well about him. I believe he is not a development but a demise man."

Then Uma Bharti can be heard by criticizing Narendra Modi.

In this video, it appears that there is a yellow colored banner behind Uma Bharti and there is a press release on the table next to it.

Over the past week, this video has been seen on Facebook more than 30 million times and thousands of people have shared this video.

This video has been watched thousands of times on Facebook pages, 'Haryana Congress Business Cell', 'Pacca Congress' and 'Owaisi Phan Club'.

Vikas Paswan, a Facebook user, posted this video a few days ago with the same claim.

More than 14,000 people have shared this video from Paswan's profile and over 15 lakh videos have been watched.

But BJP's senior leader Uma Bharti's video is being shared with 'Jhansi Ticket', which is not shared with the next Lok Sabha election.

However, these videos are 12 years old.

The time of the offended Uma Bharti

Last week, the BJP had announced that Uma Bharti would not contest the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Union Minister J. P. Nadda told the press conference on Saturday. At the same time, he said that the party has decided to make Uma Bharti the National Vice-President.

People in the social media share Uma Bharti's old video and understand that she is upset with the party.

But the current shared video is 2007. Uma Bharti was not in the BJP at this time.

During a meeting of the party, he talked to LK Advani in the middle of the speech and went off from the meeting. This is 2004's talk.

Later, the party had lifted Uma Bharti from the party's general secretary's charge and disrupted her primary membership in the BJP.

In 2006, Uma Bharti formed 'Bharatiya Janashakti Party'.

Did you read this or not?

Rajkot Press Conference

In the viral video, Uma Bharti criticized the 'Gujarat model', saying, "Regional state has become more debtor in the state and women's security is compromised."

In the video, he says about Modi, "Narendra Modi is like a fuggy in which the media has filled the air."

Uma Bharti's press conferencing has already been used against BJP leader Narendra Modi in many elections.

In 2015, Uma Bharti talked about this video in a TV show.

He said, "When I said this, I was at the Janjakanti Party. This press conference was in Rajkot."

"After this press conference, I traveled from Rajkot to Vadodara, and I was more than 100 km in an hour. Then I said that a very good work has happened here."

"After the press conference of Rajkot, I made another press conference and said that we are withdrawing all the candidates contesting against Modi in the 2007 assembly elections."

After remaining out of BJP for many years, Uma Bharti was given a place in the party again in 2011
April 05, 2019

Modi does not violate code of conduct: Election Commission

 Modi does not violate code of conduct: Election Commission

Election Commission has given clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for violation of Model Code of Conduct.

The Communist Party of India (CPM-Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury complained to the Election Commission that Modi had violated the code of conduct by announcing India's first anti-satellite missile test.

According to a report of 'Indian Express', according to the Prime Minister's announcement, the use of government media to watch Doordarshan or All India Radio has not been violated, according to the Election Commission.

A five-member committee was entrusted with an investigation into whether government machinery was used in this matter.

The committee said that only ADI (news organization) feed was used by Television. When all India Radio used audio output from television news. '

Did you read this or not?
 Life sentence for India's 'Dosa King'

Rajagopal, the owner of South India Food Chain 'Sarva Bhavan' in the country and abroad, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court in an 18-year-old case. He has been asked to surrender by 7 July.

Rajagopal was convicted 18 years ago in October 2001 in a case of kidnapping and subsequent murder of a boy named Prince Sankumar.

Santokumar was murdered for having Rajagopal married to his wife (wife of a saint).

The Madras High Court has given life imprisonment to Rajagopal in this case in 2009.

Earlier in 2004, the special court had sentenced Rajagopal and his five associates to 10 years imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years.

I am ready to contest from any seat: Priyanka

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who arrived in Ayodhya on Tuesday, said that the party is ready to contest from anywhere she decides.

He said, "Varanasi MP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not paying attention to Varanasi. Modi goes around the whole world but he has no time to go to a single village in his constituency."

On his visit to Ayodhya, he said, "This matter is still in the Supreme Court, so I have not come to see Ramlala."

The Congress gave the slogan of 'Hindu terrorism' for selfishness

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday accused the UPA-led UPA government of blaming the 2007 Samjhauta blast for the clean cheat given to all the accused.

Jaitley said that in the court, the U.P. walked on the basis of evidence gathered during the regime.

He said that Congress took the ideology of "Hindu terrorism" to catch political gains and caught the wrong people. When the real culprits were not caught.

Addressing a press conference, Jaitley said, "Congress came out with a wrong ideology of 'Hindu terror' to take advantage of political gains, and they defamed the entire Hindu society."

"They should apologize to the society, without first witnessing the first time in India's history, the Congress accused the Hindu terrorists. Three or four people were arrested but the court freed them."

Rahul Gandhi will quit the policy if he becomes a government: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, while questioning the role and role of the policy commission, said that if he gets the power, he will end the policy commission.

Rahul tweeted that the policy commission is not good for anybody, it only works to spread the marketing presentation and misinformation for Prime Minister Modi.

In the tweet, Rahul wrote, "We will make planning commission instead of policy commission, which will be less than 100 staff of well-known economists and experts."

It is worth mentioning that the Policy Commission came into existence in 2015. Previously known as planning commission or scheme commission.

Policy means 'National Institute for Transforming India' is considered as the 'premier policy think tank' of the Government of India.

The Planning Commission was formed in 1950, which worked to form a five year plan
April 05, 2019

Isro's satellite on the bullock cart, in which the Gandhi family's fault? - Fact check

Isro's satellite on the bullock cart, in which the Gandhi family's fault? - Fact check

Two photographs are being shared with the media claiming that when Indian Space Agency Isro was in crisis, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's family was robbing the country's wealth.

One of them is the image of Indira Gandhi, who is seen sitting on a plane with her family.

The other image is claimed by ISRO scientists in which they are allegedly carrying a satellite on an oxidation.

This claim has been circulating on social media after the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

Modi addressed the country and said that India has become the fourth superpower in the field of space and Indian scientists have succeeded in breaking down a live satellite.

On the one hand, people from the southpole are calling it 'big success in the country of Modi's rule' in the Facebook groups, Twitter and on Sheraton.

There are people who support the Opposition, who want to get praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who praised the achievement, he really got India in the Congress government.

Did you read this or not?

Marks on Gandhi family

 Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka are seen in the post viral image with Indira Gandhi
But on Wednesday evening, it was found that Indira Gandhi and her family, along with the Congress Party, were targeted for the alleged disorder of the country's scientists in the groups of Southpole.

The two photographs we have mentioned have been shared and thousands of people have shared it.

Most people have written with these pictures, "Never forget that when the ISRO was bullied to take a rocket, the Gandhi family was celebrating birthdays in a chartered airplane."

In our investigation we came to know that no blurring has been done with these photographs. Both photographs are true. But these are pictures.

ISRO image

A photograph of spacecraft on ISRO's scientists and bullock cart is June 1981.

This was a picture of an experimental Communication Satellite named Apple, which was launched on June 19, 1981. This was one of the major achievements of the Indian Space Program.

People on social media have written that this satellite was taken to the bullock cart because it was in financial crisis. But this claim is completely wrong.

Scientific information expert Pallava Bagla told the BBC the full story behind this image.

He said, "The decision to take Aplet Satellite on an oxidation was taken by ISRO scientists, this was not their compulsion."

isro.gov.in Practical Communication Satellite App image
Bagla said, "At that time, Indian scientists had limited knowledge of the 'electromagnetic interference reflection' technique. The scientific satellite was not chosen to carry it on an electronic machine, because the bullock cart was selected."

Pallava Baagala says that only one former ISRO chairman told him this whole story.

This image and more information related to ISRO are both available.

But did EASRO ever face such economic shortage when Indian scientists have a shortage of resources?

Pallava Bagla says, "ISRO has always told the people that this organization has not had any resources in the government."

"When it comes to launching a new project, sometimes it has not happened that ISRO has no resources for it."

Picture of Gandhi family

This image is being written on social media that Indira Gandhi has looted the country's wealth on her family.

But according to this, this image of Gandhi family is of 1977. That is, about four years back from the launch of ISRO.

It has been written that this is a picture of Rahul Gandhi's seventh birthday (June 19).

At the time, if these reports are to be trusted.

India was in June 1977 and there was a Janata Party government in the country
April 05, 2019

Why Modi, Shah and Shotgun Shatrughan?

Why Modi, Shah and Shotgun Shatrughan?

Sonakshi reacted on the decision of father Shatrughan Sinha, who quit the BJP and said she should have taken this step a long time ago.

Talking to reporters, Sonakshi said, "My father was associated with BJP from Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Advani's time, but he did not receive proper honor."

"Now, when they join the Congress, they hope they will be able to work well and not feel pressured."

On Thursday, senior Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil announced on Twitter that on June 6, Shotgun Sinha will formally join the Congress.

Gohil also posted a photograph of Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Singha.

Sinha was not given a ticket from Patna Sahib seat for the next Lok Sabha elections, so he decided to leave the party.

Sinha has represented this meeting twice in the Lok Sabha.

To reduce its size in BJP, Sinha is considered to be responsible for the party president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Trailer in 2014, film in 2019
BJP contested 2014 Lok Sabha elections under the chairmanship of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

They were given last time too.

In the year 2018, the English Channel said, "He (Modi-Shah) has ignored him since the first day."

"My name was finally announced at 11.30 pm by the BJP during the election of 2014 in the country."

"Sushma Swaraj told the party that now the name should be declared from the Patna seat, because of which the wrong message is being spread among the people."

In a conversation with journalists a few days ago, Shatrughan Sinha said, 'Whatever happens, the seat will remain Patna Sahib'.

In 2014, the party offered him Delhi ticket, but Sinha said that 'Patna is my first and last choice'.

Perhaps Sinha did not want to revive a bitter memory of two decades old.

Regarding 1992's regret

Twitter @ ShatrughanSinha Sinha apologizes to Khanna
Sinha mentions 'the most bitter memories' of political life in his biography.

Because of this incident, 'Kaka Saheb' came to bitterly in Rajesh Khanna and Sinha's relationship, who was lifelong.

Sinha writes, "I should not have started the political career by the bye-election."

"The leaders, including Kalyan Singh, Shantakumar and Madanlal (Khura), insisted that I rejected it."

"Then Advani told me that this is a question of prestige for us and not to listen to 'no'."

"I (LK Advani) could not say 'no'. He was my mentor, guru and supreme leader."

"I did the candidacy, but Advani did not even come for a publicity campaign. I lost, I cried."

Khanna was originally shot in the heart of Mumbai's film stars Sinha and Khanna, in which Congress won the Congress ticket.

Sinha says that I apologized to him directly and indirectly for his election to fight against Khanna.

Did you read this or not?

Gandhinagar, Advani and Sinha
In 1991, BJP veteran LK Advani contested from New Delhi and Gandhinagar seat and won two seats.

Rajesh Khanna was standing in front of Advani in New Delhi. Advani won with some 1600 votes. The margin was much lower than their size.

However, Advani maintained membership in Gandhinagar seat and resigned from the New Delhi seat.

In an election held in 1992, Khanna and Sinha had an encounter between the vacant seats.

In every subsequent election, Advani contested and won from Gandhinagar seat on BJP ticket.

Each time Modi or Shah joins Advani, he does not address or address the meeting, whether or not he is present or not.

Modi, Shah and Gandhinagar
In 1999, BJP candidate V. That Sinha, who is campaigning for Malhotra,
BJP did not give a ticket to party veteran LK Advani in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and instead of BJP president Amit Shah's candidate.

When this announcement was made by the BJP, a picture was again discussed.

At the time of Advani's candidature in 1991, Modi was with him and Shah was behind him.

Advani played a key role in the planning of the yatra in 1992, when he took out the nationwide Rath Yatra.

Today, Modi is the country's prime minister and Shah is number-two in the BJP, while question-answer has been raised on the 91-year-old Advani's active politics.

Sinha wrote on Twitter that the veterans like Joshi-Advani were wrong because of one-man show and two-man army. I pray to God that I am sorry. '

Why Shotgun?

Lion Prasad's candidature will be supported by Lalu Prasad Yadav
Shatrughan Pratap Sinha of Native Bihar, took up the training of acting from Punna's Film and Television Institute.

Shatrughan Sinha was famous for the smooth and fast dial-up delivery on the screen. He had many fans and fans of this style.

Speaking of Dhadhad Dialogue, he got the nickname of 'Shotgun', which was tied with his name throughout his life.

In the biography, Shatrughan writes that "Shotgun's nickname became more popular due to the composition of the film magazine 'Stardust', Shobha Rajpakshi (Shobha D.) and his partner Uma Rao."

In the public they are also famous for other nicknames like 'Bihari Babu' and 'Shatru Bhaiya'.

Four brothers and one link
Son Love and Kush, wife Pu
April 05, 2019

Modi government claims that electricity has been reached in every village, is it true?

Modi government claims that electricity has been reached in every village, is it true?

Elections in India have justified the elections and leaders have started to hold election meetings.

Thus, many issues are discussed in the election campaign, but rarely mention the issue of touching millions of people.

The BBC's Gita Pandey is touring the country to learn some of these subjects and prepare their report.

Leicester has a small village in the state of North-East India, Manipur. Last year, this village had hit the news around the world with headlines.

It is also noted here that promises of electricity to the construction of roads or water in the election manifesto of political parties remain unchanged.

Speaking again on the village mentioned above, in April 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "Leishang has been empowered and empowered (Leisang had been powered and empowered)."

At that time it seemed that the three of them have tried to solve at least one problem.

But last week when I visited this village, I came to realize that light is rarely present here and people of the village have not been able to do anything like "powered" or "empowered".

In this small village of mountain tribal cuisine, only 13 families and 70 members remain.

It is just 80 km from Manipur's capital, Imphal. However, it is not easy to reach there.

The nearest road to the village is located 35 kms away from Kangpoki village.

This is a 35-kilometer high road and the pothole has become dirty. The last three kilometers are the main roads on the mountain with tremendous climbing.

On this route only the bike can go or walk up or down.

When the rain falls, the village will be completely separated, because the water is filled up in between that path becomes very slippery.

Did you read this or not?

The surrounding villages got electricity in 2017
There is no school or clinic in the village. Voter identification cards have been found for the people of the village and few people here are interested in politics.

Village Sarpanch Tongsat Haokip says that all the villages around them got electricity in 2017.

When they checked, they came to know that their village was not taken in the plan.

Tongatat Haokip says, "Nobody gave us the reason, so we applied for the top power officer of Kangpoki. He said, be patient, your village name is first mentioned in the next year's plan."

At the beginning of April last year, the movement of government men suddenly increased in the village.

Earlier, some officials came for investigation and after two weeks the pillars, wires and other equipment and transformers arrived.

Eventually the villagers were told that between April 5 and 6 in the evening on April 27, "you will be connected to the grid."

When the women started thinking of buying a washing machine-rice cooker

Lennethan Lottjam was also among 20-30 people gathered at Sarpanch's house to be a witness to this event.

The bulb was installed in the ocean. His switch was torn down and everyone sat down under it, flushing tea with him.

Lutzem's wife was sitting right below the bulb and suddenly the blaze got up.

He smiled with a little hesitation saying, "We all clapped and gladly bounced, I was speaking, light egotism, light ehantai (lighted, illuminated). All the people were happy and some danced too."

That night there was no sleep in the village. There was a TV in the same house in the village, which kept people looking after the whole night. The people of the village did not cross the happiness.

Haakip's uncle, Nakham Dongl, says, "They were all very happy as they got regeneration."

In the following days, television has come in many homes. Some women even started thinking about buying a washing machine and a rice cooker.

'There is no fixed light coming'
However, this happiness will not last long.

It has come to be years now, but the people told me that only 5 to 6 hours of the day gets lightning.

Not only that, even if a small flaw comes, it may take at least three days to repair it.

Last year, the Major Fault came and Leicang village was again doused for three months.

A senior officer of the power division, Manipur, Shantikumarsinh admits that electricity was stopped for three months in the village, as they could not reach there for repairs.

They say, "The village is very inexpensive and it is difficult to reach there. The situation becomes very difficult when the land is rushing in the monsoon."

However, they reject the fact that there is only electricity in the village for only six hours. In his opinion, there is enough electricity in the village.

However the fact is that when I visited the village there was no electricity. After one hour the light came, but it remained in fifteen minutes.

Mrs. Lottjam is working on the farm from 8 o'clock to four o'clock in the morning.

They say that if the lightning has come in the evening, they will finish their homework and watch the TV.

"However, there is no place in the light, therefore it can not be determined."

Dongle says that when there is rains or heavy wind blows, lightning disappears indefinitely.

The people of the village jokingly say, "Now even if the urine is on the dog pillar, the light keeps on going."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised in August 2015 that in the 1,000 days village power will reach. As part of the plan, the pillars were delivered to Leicester.

Delhi based 'Council on Energy, Environment and Water' (CE
April 05, 2019

Nehru has no role behind the establishment of ISRO? - Fact check

Nehru has no role behind the establishment of ISRO? - Fact check


There are some post viral on social media, claiming that India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru did not have any role in the creation of India's space agency Isro.

This claim started coming viral on social media when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Wednesday that India has successfully joined the anti-satellite (ASAT) launching countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly gave a message to the nation. In this, he said, "India has achieved its success in global space power."

This achievement was appreciated on many social media pages with right-thinking ideology, while criticizing the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the opposition-backed page and it was said that he made such an announcement in view of the next Lok Sabha elections.

It said that the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru died on May 27, 1964 when ISRO was established on August 15, 1969.

This has been seen by thousands of people and has been shared.

Our investigation found that this claim is false.

Did you read this or not?


It has been claimed that Jawaharlal Nehru did not have any role in establishing ISRO. This claim is false.

After the establishment of INCOSPAR (Indian National Committee for Space Research) in 1962, two years before Nehru's death, ISRO was invented in 1969.

Indian National Committee for Space Research was established during the reign of Jawaharlal Nehru and the famous scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai also had a special role.

But Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru in establishing a research agency. Sarabhai's contribution is mentioned.

It has been said: "India had decided to move into space when Indian National Committee for Space Research was established by the Government of India in 1962. Under the command of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, INCOSPAR established Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station for the research of the above atmosphere in Thiruvananthapuram. INCOSPAR's space was taken by ISRO and it was established. "

In August 1969, when Indira Gandhi's government was in power at the time of the establishment of ISRO
April 05, 2019

Congress leader Bhaga Bard gets relief from the Supreme Court, not the Talaa by-election

Congress leader Bhaga Bard gets relief from the Supreme Court, not the Talaa by-election


The Supreme Court today stayed the hearing on the notification of Election Commission of India for holding elections on the Telangana assembly seat of Gujarat today.

Not only this, the Supreme Court has notified the state government and the Election Commission on this issue.

The Election Commission announced the election for the March 10 constituency of the Talaala assembly.

This advertisement was challenged in the Barde High Court, but the High Court did not get any relief.

After this the matter reached the Supreme Court.

It is worth mentioning that Congress leader Lord Bard was a legislator from the meeting and he was sentenced to death on illegal mining and the speaker declared him suspended.

Sensex crosses 39000

On the first day of the new fiscal year beginning today, the stock market has been bullish when the Lok Sabha elections are coming.

With the opening of the market, it crossed 39,000, while the Nifty has reached 11700.

The market opened with an increase of 186 points and reached 39,017.

Foreign investors invested in large amounts in March.

Auto, Capital, Goods and Metal sectors have seen good buying. The maximum metal index has seen an increase of 1.64 per cent, while Tata Motors and Vedanta's shares also saw an increase.

#EMISAT: Another satellite launched by ISRO with 28 foreign satellites

ISRO today launched Electronic Intelligence Satellite Amisette at Sriharikota. This is a surveillance satellite that will catch the enemies radar.

The satellite has also launched 28 satellites from other countries.

The process launched by PSLV C-45 has been conducted six days after 'Mission Shakti'.

According to ISRO, this is the 47th flight of PSLV. This is also the 71st Launched Vehicle Mission from Sriharikota.

The public was also invited for the first time to become a witness to this achievement of ISRO.

Isro Chairman The Times of India newspaper, by introducing the conversation with Sivan, has created a special stadium for people to see the launch, which has a capacity of 5000.

Zuzana became the first woman president of Capitova in Slovakia

Anti-Corruption candidate Zuza has become Slovakia's first woman president, defeating party candidate Marcos Sefkovic. However, he has no experience with politics.

Working as a lawyer and progressive party candidate Capputoova described the election as a conflict between good and bad.

Capitova won 58 percent while his opponent Sefkovic received 42 percent of the votes.

Investigative journalist Jain Kuciiq was assassinated during this election.

Qushiq was continuously investigating the neutrality of crime and politics. During this investigation, his shot was shot dead.

Zuja's Caputova said in a speech that there are many reasons to contest the presidential election, but one of them is also the murder of Kushiyak.

Mayawati, Chandrashekhar Ravana wandered from Varanasi to break Dalit votes

According to a report of 'Indian Express', Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has accused the BJP and said that in order to break the Dalit vote, BJP has formed a conspiracy to raise Bhim Army's Chandrasekhar Ravana from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat.

Mayawati tweeted, "This organization has been formed as a part of BJP's conspiracy and anti-Dalit mentality, which is doing nasty politics."

Mayawati has also written that BJP will benefit from Chandrashekhar's election from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat.

She wrote in another tweet, "The BJP made many efforts to include Chandrashekhar as Basspa in his Bassa, but he failed in the conspiracy."

Did you read this or not?

The time limit for joining the PAN card with support is six months

According to the report of 'NDTV India', the time limit for joining PAN card with Aadhaar card has been increased to 31st September, 2019.

It is worth mentioning that the last date was earlier fixed on April 1, 2019.

This is the sixth time that the government has extended the deadline for linking PAN card with support.

But CBDT (the Central Board of Direct Taxation) has said that it is inevitable to link support numbers when filing income tax from April 1, 2019.

In February, CBDT said that in the September of last year, the High Court kept the constitutional belief of support
April 05, 2019

Why is hearty Patel patidar popular in youth?

Why is hearty Patel patidar popular in youth?


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Gujarat government, who have come to be known as the agent of the Congress, and the BJP as the agent of the Congress, from Patidar reservation movement, Haridik Patel of Viramgam ultimately joined the Congress.

They have been accused that they used to use the impression of the Patidars' emotions to make their political career.

When he was 25 years old and who reached the age of contesting elections, when asked about the allegation of being Congress agent and joining the Opposition, he said:

"Today, there is a social and political environment in India that people are not ready to see things like that. Not even once."

"Every social movement is seen with suspicion. Our media and politicians are trying to find a hidden purpose behind every movement. They just have to find some hidden things.

"Then what is the result? Everyone has to know who is close to whom, whom do they share or break relationships with whom? Will they win in power or election grounds?

"It was the same environment, when we got our first Virat Sabha on August 25, 2015, demanding reservation in the OBC category for government jobs and education sector."

"Instead of finding the true reasons behind the massive success of the meeting, almost everyone was discussing who was cooperating on the huge rally of the Patidars on the huge GMDC ground in Ahmedabad? More than 15 lakh people came there and I know they came there themselves."

"How can a 22-year-old boy who rarely know outside North Gujarat get together so many people? Where did he get the money?"

"It is not possible to attend such a big gathering without anybody's backing. Anybody behind this is someone who is getting political advantage from this, but who and how?"

"We are working on the issues of the land and the youth want us to do something. I was also one of those people. We were concerned about our future."

"People came here automatically, not because of anybody's backing. Trust me. I have repeatedly said one thing at many of my meetings that are not affiliated with any political party, that I will do my best to get the BJP out of power."

The picture of the BBC was sitting on the heels of the heart
"Patidars have been with the BJP for many decades, but our generation, which has not seen any other party's rule in Gujarat since last 25 years, is disappointed with the BJP."

"There are direct political parties in the state when there are two major political laws, of which there is only one ruling party. In this case, it is BJP, that is, in reality, people should demand the same for the BJP and the BJP has the expectation of the Patidars."

"The fight was against the BJP, inevitably, in the elections of the local self-government in December-December 2012 and then in the assembly elections of December-December, the Congress had benefited from it, but that is just the thing."

"Who has managed to get rid of this and who has got the benefit? Everyone talks and proceeds about this and charges allegations."

"But unfortunately no one sees the whole picture. Let's understand this."

"Suppose that even if our movement is with the Congress, what happened? The issue is that a movement has emerged, it has progressed, it has revolutionized the society and has a strong political influence."

"Not only in Gujarat, it has echoed in one or the other way across the country. The BJP lost or won in December -2017 is not the issue. The issue is that a movement was born, it got people's support and it lasted."

"The BJP won by a thin margin as nobody has thought in Gujarat, and Narendra Modi also got perspiration. We have created a strong bridge of relationship with Patidar youth, which can not be created by any amount of money or political power."

Modi's opposition
Hardy Patel says true. This was a man who suddenly appeared from somewhere and he challenged the politics and policies of Narendra Modi and raised questions against him, and also in Gujarat.

More often than not, Narendra Modi's meetings are more crowded than listen to him enthusiastically.

This enthusiasm was not limited to the Patidars only. Every Nation-caste youth comes to his meeting. Someone did not think so.

There is nothing unusual in the heart of Indira Gandhi's personality. But many youths could easily attach themselves to the questions they raised.

Patidars were probably in search of someone who came up with new ideas and innovative energy, and perhaps Hardik Patel could create this feeling in them.

Patidars, especially the youth, believed in him. Perhaps he was in search of someone who questioned the 'Politics of votebank' which has been running for decades from the BJP and can bring a real change by bringing together the society.

It was argued that Patel ministers were in large numbers in the government and it did not get any support from the Patidars.

They did not think there was any reduction in the questions of the Patidars with the maximum number of ministers. They were fighting against this fact.

This sentiment has fueled the sentiments of the people. Because he was not an outsider, he himself became a victim of this situation.

His sister was a bright girl, but due to one of the other reserved category students, she had to lose admission.

Hard-Tech, a secondary-grade graduate, says there is no problem with the people who are currently receiving the reservation.

Social and economic way of them for centuries
April 05, 2019

NASA said that the mission of Modi's mission increased the risk of 44% on space station in space

NASA said that the mission of Modi's mission increased the risk of 44% on space station in space


NASA has said that India's Anti-Satellite Strike mission has been severely threatened as it has increased the risk of 44% on the International Space Station.

NASA said that this is very bad and unacceptable, and because of this, the risk of astronauts operating at the international space station has increased by 44%.

NASA's administrator Jim Brindesthan has said that the agency has identified 400 pieces of garbage in space after the mission power of India. He is still recognized but could not trace all. We are tracking 60 pieces that are more than 10 centimeters and 24 of them will be moving from the International Space Station in space.

We are learning new things every time the situation arises due to this test. In the last one week, this space waste has increased by 44% in the possibility of affecting the International Space Station.

Congress has done the task of connecting millions of people with terrorism- Modi

According to a report of 'Navbharat Times', Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commented on 'Hindu terrorism' on Congress, addressing a gathering from Wardha in Maharashtra.

Modi said that the Congress had tied up the relationship of millions of people with terrorism. Now people are awake because they are fleeing.

Modi said that Rahul Gandhi is contesting with Amethi in the Vaynad seat of Kerala, why is he contesting?

Modi also said that where Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from where there is more, and is running towards where Hindus are low.

In his speech, Modi mentioned that the Congress has inflicted the scam of Hindu terrorism on millions of people.

Modi said that in the history of thousands of years has there been any incident of Hindu terrorism? British officials did not do this either. Who put the blame on our 5000 years old politeness? '

Modi said adding that Maharashtra Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde gave rise to the word Hindu terrorism.

Britain's Parliament denies Brettt's proposal again

In the British Parliament on Monday evening, four proposals related to Brackets were voted on. Parliament has once again expressed dissatisfaction over the proposal on what will be done on the issue of braxt.

Efforts are being made to find an alternative on the issue of how to do brakes in the UK parliament.

Four proposals of separation from the European Union were voted on in the lower house of the House of Commons in Parliament.

It was voted on a consortium like the Custom Union and Norway, to sustain Britain in the single market.

Legally, this voting in parliament is not inevitable, so if a proposal is found to be acceptable, then the government is not required to believe it.

Presently, the Minister of State, Theresa May, has asked for time till April 12. They have to decide whether to take more time from the European Union to Braxtil or to get separated without an explanation.

Rahul Gandhi will announce Congress's declaration today

According to a report by 'NDTV India', Congress President Rahul Gandhi will announce Congress's declaration today by taking the election campaign to 2019.

The report states that this declaration can include major income for the Dalit and OBC communities, by minimizing the minimum income plan, the loss of farmers, including the right to health, eliminating the policy commission.

In this advertisement, the Congress Announces Committee Chairman P. Chidambaram and other senior leaders are likely to attend.

It is to be mentioned that the first phase of voting will be held on April 11. Every political party has its own campaign.

The Election Commission has found guilty of violating Code of Conduct by the Governor of Rajasthan

According to the report of 'Indian Express', Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh has embroiled in controversy over the violation of the Code of Conduct. In a conversation with reporters in Aligarh on March 23, he said that Modi will win and in the country it is also necessary.

In view of this, the Election Commission has written a letter to President Ramnath Kovind and has instructed on this issue.

On March 23, he went to his hometown with local BJP leaders and activists, who were disenchanted with the distribution of tickets on the Lok Sabha elections in Aligarh.

Singh said, "We are all BJP workers, and because of this, we want that BJP win. Everyone wants that Modi will be the Prime Minister in the center. Being the Prime Minister of Modi is essential for the country, it is essential for the society."
April 05, 2019

Bapu, if he speaks ... Who was the guru of Gandhiji?

Bapu, if he speaks ... Who was the guru of Gandhiji?


Who was responsible for creating Gandhiji, who was a very self-righteous and ordinary living child in his childhood? Such a question is natural.

Even though Gandhiji wrote about this process of 'experiments in truth', people are not satisfied with it.

Thus, the feeling of Gandhiji's feeling is promoted and interpreted by one's own faith or faith, sometimes Shastarda Rajchandra to Tolstoy, sometimes in Ruskin, sometimes Thoreau, and sometimes all these are declared as the guru of Gandhiji.

Over the past few years, being a popular medium and specific religious attitude like drama, it has also been okay to establish Shrimad Rajchandra as Gandhi's guru.

What is the fact of Gandhiji's 'guru'?
Gandhiji received guidance from Rajyapura like Dwai Rambha and Shrimad Rajchandra, Tolstoy, Raskin, and Gopalakrishna Gokhale, who gave a mantra to take Ramnaam when they were afraid of childhood.

Gandhiji has expressly expressed his gratitude towards all these people.

Describing the discipline as a 'sacred and personal subject', Gandhiji wrote that he sat on the feet of Dadabhai Navroji, but Dada Bhai was far away from him.

'I could have a son, not a disciple'. Gandhiji wrote, "The disciple is more closely related to the son. Being a disciple is like having a new birth. It is a voluntary surrender. ' (July, 1921, increase in revival numeral 47, p.4)

Did you read this or not?

Political guru: Gokhale
Gandhiji also met Gopalakrishna Gokhale in addition to other leaders when Gandhi came to India from South Africa in 1896.

He gave Gokhale's impression of this in the words, 'I worshiped the mind of this gnanavidya Vidyavyavari with great visions and in my mind. But I could not establish them on my heart. ' (July, 1921, increase in Regeneration Digit 47, p.5)

After Gokhale went to South Africa, Gandhiji came closer to him.

In his own words, "He (Gokhale) surrendered my heart, and when I left, only a sound was raised in my mind: this is my Murshid (Jupiter)." (July, 1921, increase in Regeneration Digit 47, p.5)

Speaking on the occasion of Tolstoy's birth anniversary, he said, "Gokhale has called me a state procurator guru, he gave me complete satisfaction in the field. I did not tell him about the command or about his command." (Regeneration, September 16, 1928, p. .22)

Spiritual mentor: Shrimad Rajchandra
Before Gokhale got the price of Murshid, Gandhiji had been in the familiar introduction of Shrimad Rajchandra (Raichandbhai) before that.

He has written an entire chapter about Rayachandbhai in 'The Experiments in Truth'. (Reviewed version, p.113-116) 22 year old Gandhi returned to India by being a barrister, his friend Dr. Pranajivan met Mehta and his brother Ravi Shankar Zaveri.

Raychandbhai Ravi Shankar was born in the same way as he was born.

As he was introduced to him, such qualities as 'vast scripture, pure character, great zeal for self-expression' have had a great impact on Gandhiji.

Recognizing Raychandbhai as a purely Gnani of the two years of age, Gandhiji wrote that 'I have never seen him in a state of silence. I have tried to meet the principals of every religion, but the impression I gave to Rayachandbhai was not able to do any other. I knew that they would not let me go deliberately and would say in my own mind. '

'So I used to take refuge in my spiritual crowd.' (Truth Experiments, Reviewed Version, p.115)

Raychandbhai, who was confused between different religions, led a deep study of Hindu religion and also compromised the curiosity of young Gandhi.

Gandhiji's respect for Raychandbhai has been expressed at all.

But Gandhiji was not a progenitor, but a virtuous person. So their evaluation remained humble though firm.

In his first interview with Raychandbhai, by his experiment of experimentation (seeing hundreds of words or words together, then by the power of showing it in a single order), Gandhiji still did not become 'fascinated'. (Truth Experiments, Reviewed Version, p.115)

After returning from South Africa permanently, he wrote a preface for Shrimad Rajchandra's book.

According to Shantikumar Morarji's memoir, Gandhiji wrote in the preface that he does not believe Shrimad (Rajchandra) as a Tirthankar. For example, the head of Shrimad (Rajchandra) is always tormented. '

'Gandhiji's argument was that the head of a Tirthankara would not be hurt. Later I heard that the book was printed without the introduction of Gandhiji. (Gandhi's reminiscences and other narrations, Shantikumar, p.13)

The place of Jupiter is empty

In his autobiography, Gandhiji has written in a clear and uncompromising way of expressing a doubt that despite being so respected to Raychandbhai, I could not place him in my heart as my religious leader. '

"My search is still going on today." (Truth Experiments, Reviewed Version, p116) On the death of 33-year-old Raychandbhai, Gandhiji was given 'devotional' pride.

Gandhiji, speaking on behalf of his birth anniversary, said, "The influence of his life has come to me so far that I once felt that I should make him my guru."

"But if a guru wants to make it, then only a few can become? The guru must be natural."

"If there is a desire for penance and attainment of it, a capable guru will be able to reach any day."

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